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"This level of care at this office is amazing! I have never felt better!!"


It has been a year since my first visit last summer to Laura Mendez. Without knowing yet what was wrong with me, I was exhausted to a point that was debilitating and felt like I was in a constant fog. I couldn’t properly take care of my kids, was concerned about my safety driving, and woke up every morning feeling like I hadn’t gone to sleep. I also was doing everything I knew to do to lose weight with zero success. Laura and her staff did a very thorough job that day and every day after collecting data about my body, running tests, but being mindful to only do what was necessary.

Initially, Laura prescribed supplements, some short-term prescription meds she felt were necessary for my condition, and lifestyle changes, all necessary if I expected to improve. I was so excited to start feeling better!!!.....however, within about 2 weeks, I still wasn’t feeling a major improvement and was ready to give up. Thank goodness I didn’t.

One year later – I am a new woman! I wouldn’t say I’m perfect yet, however, everything that Laura said would happen did! (Just not exactly on my “want it yesterday” timeline…) I have been very diligent in taking my meds and supplements. I generally follow a Paleo diet now and am back to exercising. I FEEL BETTER than I have for YEARS.

I am also exceptionally grateful to my husband for his support and understanding for the past year. It has not all been easy, however, I wouldn’t be here and healthy without him. Our relationship had been suffering and my husband had his work & his responsibilities…and by default, many of mine to take over for me because I just simply didn’t have the energy. We co-own a family business and we even cut my commitment way back to allow my body to heal.

Now, I am happy to report - I am losing weight, I wake up feeling rested, I have the energy to be a much more involved mom, wife, and co-worker! Thank you OPTIMAL HEALTH OF HOUSTON for your dedication to figuring out what was wrong with me and helping me make a permanent fix!

Yesterday I went to another clinic for my Well Woman Exam, due to my insurance. I must tell you that you have spoiled me. I've always felt that you gave me a lot of time and that the exam was a thorough one. I don't think I've ever said thank you....but Thank You! The difference was astonishing to me. You are the best!

- Mary

"Laura Mendez is exceptional in her bedside manner.  She is very thorough in answering questions and educating her clients.  Very considerate of cost to provide the best care at the best price without compromising effectiveness or treatment."

"I have not felt well for several years. After several specialists who did not help. I saw Laura. I am now starting to feel like my old self! Thank you, Laura, Ashley, and Mona!"

- Stephanie

"Hi. My name is Brooke and I just turned 30 years old last month. I have been to several "big name" doctors in the past few years and I have been misdiagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Immune System Deficiencies, Acute anxiety/depression disorders, and the list goes on and on. When my last doctor tried to prescribe me Lyrica (a strong anti-seizure medication used in extreme cases for pain management) after 10 minutes and send me out the door, I finally said ENOUGH! I tried Acupuncture, Homeopathy... the extreme fatigue, "brain fog", achey joints, headaches, and poor immunity still persisted.


I went to see Laura for the first time for a bladder infection and broke down in tears and told her my story; how discouraged I was, and how I worried that I'd never be able to have kids because my energy was so low that I couldn't even function and take care of myself. She listened to my symptoms and patted my back and said "I think I can help you." I thought "oh great, here comes the prescription pad" but that didn't happen. She also took almost a full hour to listen to me; she didn't treat me like I was crazy, or diagnose me with some disease just to get me out of her office so she could go to lunch. Rather than just give me medicines, she wanted me to do several tests so she could really see what was going on. I had had hormone blood tests done before, but was told that everything was in the "normal" range except for DHEA (so that doctor told me to go buy some at the store and take it... which made my hair start falling out and I got terrible acne, so I discontinued it, and he said he couldn't help me further.) As I later learned from Laura, not only do some of the tests need to be done at certain times of the month, etc. but blood tests often show a "normal" result, not showing that you could be at the very bottom of the normal range.  


I could finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. I finally found a provider that really cared about me and showed personal pride and dedication in treating me and helping me get better. I later did other tests like a CDSA (stool analysis) and an ALCAT (food sensitivity) to further learn what was going on in my body... there were issues that had been left untreated for far too long- years! Laura started me on a vitamin regimen, followed by a hormone replacement regimen, and my life has totally changed. There are good days and bad days, and it is an ongoing process, but I am so relieved that I am finally on the right path. I am really relieved that I didn't just obey those doctors in the med center and take powerful medicine that I did NOT need. My friends and family often remark that I have the sparkle back in my eyes and I don't seem as tired all the time. The road to recovery is a wonderful thing. Maybe Laura didn't literally save my life, but she saved the quality of my life, and I see that as one and the same. I wholeheartedly recommend her- as a person, a provider, and a friend. "

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